From January 2007 over
deliveries using full electric vehicles
Zero emission in the city centre
From January 2007 we have saved over
100 KWh

Round 70 TOE or 300 households consumption
Eco-friendly city logistics
LuccaPort: the perfect solution for sustainable city logistics. Transports, deliveries and pick ups, quick and reliable full logistics services using zero emission vehicles. LuccaPort is an operative department of METRO Srl, company owned by the Municipality of Lucca.
Emissions savings from 1° January 2007
t CO2
over t CO
over Kg Nox
over Kg Pm10
Clean air for the city
LuccaPort cares about the environment
Lucca’s economical activities are mainly based on commerce, services and tourism sectors, making the city centre subjected to the negative impacts of freight transport and distribution on both environment and urban life quality. By means of LuccaPort, the Municipality of Lucca has supported a number of activities aimed to optimize urban mobility in order to increase the reduction of gas emissions, noise pollution, traffic problems and costs due to externality of heavy transport and to improve the quality of life for citizens, tourists and visitors.